Hi, I have a fan theory.

Chronos is a stonekeeper, as you know, probably. he became a stonekeeper in book 5, Prince of the Elves, when max gave him the last of the mother stone and broke him out out of The Ice Prison of Korthan.

As you know, Navin and Aly were being hunted by Stone Giants while trying to get back to the S.A.M. unit. they got back, but it was a close call.

My fan theory is that Chronos is that Stone Giant who was hunting them. he would obviously want revenge.

FACT: In Book six, (Escape from Lucien) Ikol said when Chronos died: "Good luck in your next life". and I know you're probably thinking: 'that was just something he was saying.' but think about it.

FACT: The Stone Giant had the same body shape as Chronos.

FACT: Chronos would want revenge.

FACT: Chronos is a Stonekeeper, just like the Stone Giant.

Chronos = Stone giant

If you think this theory is cool, or likely, tell other people about it!

If you think a fan theory should not be an article, please tell me how to start a thread instead, because i think this theory is notable enough to be on the amulet wiki.

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