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"You kept your promise."
—Chronos to Max Griffin in Prince of the Elves

Chronos is a corrupted stonekeeper whose body was kept encased in a glacier in the Ice Prison of Korthan. He is a gargantuan, winged beast with multiple appendages similar to that of an arthropod.


Very little is known of Chronos' past, other than the fact that he was once a stonekeeper who had been corrupted by his stone and transformed into a giant beast.The Guardian Council eventually imprisoned him in a large glacier in the Ice Prison of Korthan.

At some point during Chronos' incarceration, Max Griffin made a deal with him, the conditions being that if Max were to free him so then he would follow his every command. When the Elf King allowed Max Griffin a piece of the Mother Stone, he unleashed the beast named Chronos, who immediately recognized Max, and as per their previous agreement, obeys his every whim. The Elf King orders them to attack the city of Frontera.

Together, they accomplish this task and The Resistance is urged to take to the skies. However, Chronos lands atop one of their airships and manages to detach the limbs of the transported mechs and the two lead an attack in the skies. When Max later falls, Chronos retrieves him and flies off with him.

Chronos and Max, along with Vigo and Emily, later journey into the Void to confront the Voice. After Max threatens the entity, Chronos is killed by a large rock that was commanded to fall by The Voice, which causes the beast's blood to splatter in all directions, including the shocked Max.



  • Chronos is the name of the Ancient Greek personification of time, possibly stating the time since he was imprisoned.