Elise is a young female stonekeeper with black hair and jade eyeshadow. She also is a friend of Chronos, and likes following Max. She is currently a furious kitsune of Hatrid.

Prince Of The Elves:

Elise is discovered by Max, who invites her to join him. At first she refuses, but when she notices her old friend Chronos, she is glad Max rescued him and joins. She isnt noticed for the rest of the book, but she is seen on the back of Chronos.

Escape From Lucien:

Elise makes her last appearance as a stonekeeper when she goes with Max, Emily, and Trellis to face the Voice. When she sees Chronos die, she yells to a female voice of her stone to make them pay. The amulet gets attached to Elise’s skin, and she transforms into a furious kitsune. She is held by her stone’s power, but when Elise sees the last of Max, she realizes that everything was a lie. The stone lets her go and she furiously chases after Em and Trellis. They escape, but Emily still remembers the fierce powerful face of Max’s friend


Elise the Kitsune is seen again, given herself the name Starry Fang. She growls at Gabilan that it was a mistake to bring Emily. Starry Fang is hit by a stick, and she lets them pass. As she waits to attack by the sea, she sees Emily has become a firebird. Starry Fang whispers to herself Emily went into the right portal, and the two fly away together.


Starry Fang attacks Trellis, but Vigo holds her leash and banishes her to the Dimension of Beasts, where corrupted Beasts are captured and taken there for the rest of their life. Trellis explains they shouldn’t banish Em, and Vigo agrees.


Elise is calm, shy, and a little rude to stonekeepers. As a kitsune Of Hatrid, she is always in a furor, and always greets her companions with a growl.



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