Elf soldiers leading a march against their neighboring kingdoms.

The army of Gulfen is a large military force serving under the Elf King, and consists of very powerful, elite elf soldiers. Gulfen's army has successfully seized a large portion of Alledia.


Gulfen's military were the first to ignite the war, when the Elf King orchestrated sudden attacks on neighboring countries. Both Windsor and Lufen suffered dramatically. The Guardian Council, retaliated but severely underestimated the Elf King's power. The army burned much of Windsor's capital, Cielis, to the ground.

Luger was appointed following Trellis ' failure to capture Emily Hayes . Luger and several soldiers began to scout the city of Kanalis , as they had tracked The Resistance down. In an attempt to capture Emily, Luger fired cannons at a hospital, but the people inside managed to escape underground. When Luger lost at the battle at Demon's Head Mountain , he disbanded from the army and left with Trellis to join Emily.

When Max Griffin was appointed by the King, the army saw a major advance in their mission. Max and a giant beast, Chronos , managed to destroy Frontera in a very short period of time. The two later attacked the Colossus Project airship fleet.

Notable membersEdit

  • Luger (commander/formerly)
  • Max Griffin (commander)
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