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Creating/Editing Articles
  • Do not clear content (i.e. written bodies of text), unless permitted otherwise.
    • If the content is vandalism, make sure to contact an admin right away.
  • When creating pages, there must be at least one sentence and a relevant title. Articles with unrelated or gibberish titles will be removed. 
  • When typing an article, please remember to use acceptable standards of grammar. Poor grammar will be rewritten. The user will be blocked if such grammar is intentional.
    • We also do not accept the use of all-caps, unless for stylizing purposes (i.e. titles).
  • Fanfiction found outside of the fanon section will be moved. Persistence will lead to a ban.
  • Personal opinions do not belong in articles.
    • Also remember that pages are not discussion boards. "Talk" pages come with every article and can be used to discuss the topic at hand.
  • No irrelevant or duplicate pages. Duplicates will be removed or redirected.
  • Do not tack on random facts to the end of a paragraph. This must be put under a "Trivia" section with a bullet for each individual fact.
  • Only existing categories will be used. If you wish to create a category you feel the wiki needs, please contact an admin.
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