An Amulet (also known as a stone) is a pendant worn by a Stonekeeper  and used to wield the kinetic

The amulet belonging to Emily Hayes

energy of the Mother Stone – of which all amulets derive. The stones may be used as means of communication, travel, and combat. Amulets want the user to let the amulet take control.



The amulets were created from fragments of the Mother Stone, and were used by early settlers to help fight and defend themselves. Many stonekeepers used their stones as a resource, but some abused their powers immensely – and often started waging war against each other. A handful of stonekeepers were chosen as the first Guardian Council, who would help govern Alledia and maintain balance. Silas Charnon – who was involved in the stones' creation and a high member of the Guardian Council – helped spread knowledge of these objects by teaching students how to maintain them at The Academy.

In AmuletEdit

Emily initially finds her amulet in a large room of the Charnon House . The stone speaks to her at night and soon after, their mother is abducted by an Arachnopod in the basement. A passageway takes them to Alledia, where she meets her great-grandfather, Silas Charnon, who tells her of her inheritance of the stone before passing away.


Each amulet has a unique design carved on the face of the stone and is connected to a string – forming a pendant that is intended to be worn around the neck of its user. The stone will emit a soft glow when its voice communicates with the stone keeper or whenever it is in use. Also each user has a voice which, to it is a very powerful tool.



The kinetics involved with the stone enable its user to defend themselves. A surge of energy can be used to paralyze an opponent. The energy can also be manipulated in order to defend and protect other individuals. The energy in the stone can be channeled along a weapon, such as a wooden staff, in order to produce a better effect. Sometimes it can take over the body and hold the user against his or her will.


A user can often communicate through an alternate plane of existence that is contained within the stone. Stonekeepers may often find themselves under the influence of a governing spirit known as the voice.


Users can transport over an alternate plane of existence. They may teleport to different areas of their memories.


Stonekeepers can also levitate objects through kinetic energy – including people.



  • The amulets belonging to Emily and Max have the same inscription.
  • Trellis' stone has the same inscription that Luger's used to have.
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