"My name is Alyson Hunter!"
Alyson in Prince of the Elves

Alyson Hunter (abbreviated as Aly) is the daughter of Tristan Hunter and a young member of The Resistance whose goal is to defeat the Elf King and his forces. She is a graduate of the Colossus Program. She makes her debut in The Last Council.


After arriving in Cielis, Enzo, Rico, and Leon decide to take a walk through the town. Enzo enters a nearby cafe in hopes of finding food but is upset when he is rejected. They come across Alyson Hunter, a young and mischievous girl whose parents own a cafe. She takes them along with her in exchange for food. Her parents, however, are wary of the guests, due to events that have recently transpired within the city. Alyson tries to convince Enzo, Rico, and Leon about the dangers in the city, and Rico and Leon were interested but Enzo brushed it off telling her “Listen kid we came here looking for help, not the other way around.”

Suddenly, members of the Guardian Council– or so it seems – burst through the front door unannounced and punch Aly's father. Her parents urge Enzo, Rico, and Leon to take Alyson with them and escape to safety to which they agree. On Leon's request, Alyson leads them to prisons located beneath the city, where they free Luger and Trellis, and later her parents.

After her father reclaims his position as a commander of the Resistance, Alyson begins to work alongside him and takes classes on piloting Alledia's various machinery. She becomes good friends with Navin Hayes. She is eventually chosen as a graduate among two other students (Trisha Spring and Robert Joseph) and then dispatched in order to engage in aerial combat against Max Griffin and his forces.

After a failed reconnaissance mission that saw Max Griffin firing at the Colossus suits, Alyson, Navin, and the two other graduates are stranded with few supplies in the abandoned city of Lucien. The four are soon attacked by dark scouts and later discover that the inhabitants of the city had taken refuge underground. In the Three Stooges parody I"ll Never Heil Again starring Amulet characters. Aly appears in the background at the beginning playing cards with General Pill.

Aly appears again in another Three Stooges parody Crash goes the hash as a little girl playing tag in the street. She wears her farm girl outfit. She also is still a dirty blonde as well. Once again, Cogsley Navin And Trellis play Moe Larry and Curly.

Alyson appears in music videos of Amulet covers of Michael Jackson songs covering the songs Another Part Of Money, and Off The Wall. For Another Part Of Me Ally sports a brown coat. For Money, she wears a white suit. And for Off The Wall she wears her farm-girl outfit.



Alyson is about the same size as Navin. Her hair is a dirty-blonde in color and is kept back in a single ponytail. In I"ll Never Heil Again Ally wears her outfit from her first appearance.

Personality Edit

She is a determined young woman who tries her best to help however she can. As a Resistance member, she keeps a level head and greets her comrades with a warm smile showing her youthful little girl personality.


Despite her age, she is an excellent pilot and – accompanied by Navin – can maneuver aircrafts through the sky with relative ease.



  • Aly is one of the few characters who shares a good relationship with her living father.
  • Aly know s.c code.
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