Algos Island is a supply station. In Escape from Lucien, Max was starting to die, and said; "For Trellis. Find Algos Island." Shortly after, the Stonekeepers prepare to depart in search of Algos Island. In Firelight, the crew is searching for the island, but cannot find it on any map. When they start to run out of fuel, they find a supply station that appears to be in working condition, but abandoned. While Emily, Vigo, and Trellis are exploring the inside of the station, the find the remains of it's previous inhabitants. Emily then finds that the name of the supply station is Alogos Island, revealing the island they had been searching for was actually a supply station that had housed people. When confronted with the visions of the dead inhabitants, they find out that they had all been killed by a stonekeeper. They then also found out Gabilan later found this island and used it to hide, and to access an underwater ship that he stored his stolen memories in.

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